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Dr. Omolara Otaigbe is a USCIS designated civil surgeon. Southern Meidcal Care is equipped to provide all the services required on your Medical Examination and Vaccination form.

What to Bring

  • Passport or VALID government issued photo ID.
    • Southern Medical Care does NOT supply this form.
    • All sections assigned to “Applicant” must be completed prior to your appointment. Southern Medical Care is responsible for all sections assigned to “Civil Surgeon.”
  • Medical Records
    • Past and present medications and/or treatment records if you have a history of chronic or serious illness.
    • Immunization records will help determine how many vaccinations you will be receiving and consequently can significantly affect your final cost.

NOTE: Unless administered on the same day, there is a mandatory 30 day hold between vaccinations due to the risk of interaction. Therefore, if you choose to receive vaccinations elsewhere prior to your appointment we recommend that you proceed with all required vaccines in order to prevent delays in the completion of your paperwork.

What to Expect

  • Length of Time: The length of your examination will be determined by the number of services needed. We recommend you allocate 1- 2 hours for completion.
  • PHYSICAL examination: A thorough examination of all systems. The civil surgeon will address past medical history as well as present medical conditions.
  • Labs: Per USCIS regulations, a blood sample is required for Tuberculosis and Syphilis testing. No exceptions. A urine specimen will be collected for Gonorrhea testing.

NOTE: All labs must be performed by our office. No outside results will be accepted.

  • Chest X-Ray: If your Tuberculosis test is POSITIVE you will need a Chest X-Ray. This service is offered at an additional $80 fee.


  • The total cost of your visit will be determined by the services you require. Be prepared to spend between $375 and $1280. This examination does not qualify for insurance filing. We accept credit, debit, and cash.

For more information please call our office at 601-261-2727